Monday, August 30, 2010

Tantric Mom

What is it like being a mom who is a tantrica, who has a business of sharing tantra teachings, being loving to many, and at the end of the day has a child to care for?

Every day is unique, as is every moment. I offer myself as I am open and refreshed. There are many times I just want to take a full day and indulge in the bath, get pampered at a spa and escape to a Tantra Temple with other practitioners and tantric lovers to share energy and healing and be amongst those who are like myself.

What I end up doing is dropping off my son to school or to his daddy and taking a deep breath that I am finally alone, and the actual act of giving sessions to clients is my meditation, my sanctuary and my heaven. It fulfills me to nurture others, and especially to those who respond with love, respect and honor. A little toddler can be draining, especially now that his will is at its peak and "mine, give me, I want".. this or that are his favorite words, and his favorite thing in showing me love by beating me up. I end up walking in the other direction to avoid the wild child, whilst he loves hitting, kicking, and of course never listening. Being a gentle nature, having the desire to practice yoga and to sit, relax and breathe doesn't come easy with a wild tyrant on the loose, so I take whatever opportunity I can get to enjoy the moments of being alive, to breathe, share love, and relax with others who do understand the same language I am speaking!

I look forward to every moment I get to share with you. As I know my world is split in different roles, the role of being Goddess is my savior, and I love being with other adults who share the same passions as my own; the opportunity to grow, experience bliss and the art of sensual touch. There is nothing greater than this!

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