Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WHY the men are Always Sexually Frustrated!

Why is it the men are always sexually frustrated?

I would like to elaborate on this a little bit and fill your minds with some perspective that might not have been considered, or perhaps give you something to contemplate for a while.

Women grow up as young girls, and often as young girls we are extremely sensitive to the things around us. We as children are more open, intuitive and feel more intensely what we do as adults. We feel like Healers do, and have higher perceptions of things around us.

Young girls often go through life, having to defend themselves, fight off people who cross their boundaries where they feel threatened just for being soft, feminine and girly. These young girls are easier prey to those bigger than them and get picked on easier and sometimes, although not wanted, the worst case scenarios, we get raped. And, often times all of these things that happen to us, get ignored and many times forgotten.

These girls go through life as if nothing ever happened. We live, we move on and we survive. But, yet we have deep hidden pains inside of us. As young girls we aren't aware that we were damaged. We have strong wills and like to have fun. As young women, we express our sexuality and party all the time. But as adults, as fully integrated women, it catches up with us. By this time we are married, we have children and are fully into our careers. Our husbands don't know our pains. Our boyfriends can't understand, but we know, deeply!

Then it dawns on our husbands that they want more sex. They are frustrated. They aren't getting it, and inside, our hearts are broken. Women are often soo suppressed that they aren't even in touch with the pain inside of them. Sometimes they are, but don't think its possible to heal, or worst, don't want to. We need to be nurtured, loved, caressed, and cared for as a Goddess and fully respected as women. We need to take the time to open our hearts and expand the flower that we were meant to be. But, the husbands we are with are frustrated. They are impatient, and they want instant satisfaction. And, they aren't getting it for the exact reason that their adrenaline is high and their patience becomes thin. They become demanding, needy and pushy. And as women we see this as a turn off. We pull away. We need safety and aren't getting it. We feel threatened and unloved, and the distance between the two of us becomes larger. Eventually the split from heart and body takes place and sex becomes not something of intimacy or love, but of need and often demand.

And a lot of you men out there are wondering why your wives aren't horny! Well, we women have been through hell, and YOU need to become our Healers, or we will put up a wall from you. So, my dear gentleman, I am here to tell you and teach you, you MUST become a gentleman and give your women the nurturing and the heart of yours she fell in love with. Otherwise, distance will prevail and overshadow any potential relationship you have.

My wish is for all men to learn to listen, to hear what the women of the world truly need and to open your hearts to love them. This then, is when the women of the world will TRULY give you ALL the love you ever wanted!

Blessings to you on your journey!


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shootersroom210 said...

when a woman stops lying, then man can listen.
start, women, by being truthful.
be true to yourself.
then a man will listen.