Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Many Vaginas of One Female Body

Now, I know you are thinking about a woman’s vagina as soon as I speak this word, however, her actual physical vagina is not what I am speaking about. A woman is an entire vessel of orgasmic possibilities, and when she is honored in her entirety of vaginas, she opens into a full lotus of pleasure, love and her Goddess self. A woman deserves to have her body touched in its entirety, and when she does, her whole body moves into orgasm, and it doesn’t even have to include her actual genitals.

When she is touched in all of her vaginas that are around her entire body, she slowly moves closer and closer to her orgasmic ride and wave of bliss that she is capable of. Each of her vaginas also have a clitoris and a central focal point surrounding the clitoris that desire to be adored. The “lips” of her vagina then are pampered and rubbed, or pressed, or caressed and slowly they move into engorgement and relax inside of her. This relaxation in each of these vaginas creates an awakening of her entire body where the Chi flow is then able to start and continues to expand and move as each vagina is nurtured and given the attention she really needs.

What are all of these extra vaginas I speak of?

There are many, and they are ALL over the woman’s body.

Her neck: the back of her neck, the spine that leads up to the coccyx, the muscles wrapping around the spine on the neck are her lips, and the coccyx is her clitoris, the spine is the empty space and opening, and the entire neck is her entire vagina as a whole. When squeezed, and muscles are worked out to their entirety; not just teased and given a small amount of attention, but truly worked out all of their knots and tightness, with firm or gentle pressure and as long as it take, this area become an access to her full body orgasm.

Her arm: the area of her arm below the shoulder and between her elbow on the exterior part of her arm is another clitoris. When you find the point that is that one special pressure point and when pressed on directly and held for 10 seconds or more, she has the capability of moving into orgasmic breath and wave of pleasure fills through her body.

Her thigh: the outside of her thigh from above the knee all the way to her hips on the yang, or exterior side of her body are another vagina of her body. The clitoris of this area is along the rubber-band muscle that is in the inner layer of her muscles closer to the back side of her leg also has another clitoris. The whole thigh muscle on the outside is her lips, and LOVE to be pressed firmly and squeezed to release their tightness.

The feet: the top of the foot and the bottom of the foot are an entire vagina. The top of the foot is the outer lips, the bottom of the foot is the inner lips and labia, and the entrance to her vaginal canal and her clitoris is somewhere along the bottom of her foot. For each woman it will be in a different location, and only she can lead you to the right place.

There are many more vaginas for each woman, and when you have sincere interest in discovering ALL of her clitoris’, she will surely lead you to how she likes to pleasured. And, after you have opened and given her all the expansion and foreplay in her entire body, then, when you reach her actual vagina, she will be that much more open and ready for you.

How do you Massage Each of These Vaginas?

It is a woman’s job to tell her partner(s) how she wants to be touched, and a man’s job (or her partners) to hear her and listen to her desires as she requests them. She might want firm pressure and holding still on one spot, or firm pressure and movement. The movement can be very slow or as fast as she likes. She might like grabbing and squeezing, or pressing and rubbing. She might like pinching, or gliding, or a tickling sensation. Each area might have different needs, but once each area is opened, it will allow her body to slowly move into a full body sensation of pleasure.

For example: I like my thigh vagina to be squeezed all the way down with pressure from both sides of my thigh, then squeezed all along one side all the way down. Then I like to have the massage go in circular motions around my clitoris, and stay in these circles for quite some time. Then I like the clitoris of my leg teased and only approached slightly with gentle and firm pressure on its point. Once the leg is opened and the clitoris has been slightly teased, then when going back to the direct clitoral spot, my whole body moves in waves of sensation and my breathing intensifies and I make sounds of orgasm; just from massaging my leg.

When the whole body and all of these vaginas are massaged in this way, I move into total bliss and euphoria that is difficult to stand. Then my actual vagina is extremely engorged and ready to be massaged directly and MUCH more sensitive to the touch when only massaged there. It’s like having foreplay for the body instead of going straight in to having sex right away. You have MUCH more pleasure when you have lots of foreplay than when you dive right in. The WHOLE body has the ability to have an orgasm and the more orgasms, the better!

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