Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Preparation for the Moon

This past weekends training in Basic Sensuality was a phenomenal program, and there were SO many things I would love to share about this course, however, today I want to start with the Woman, and who she is in preparation for her moon cycle.

It's so fascinating to hear what a woman already knows, and how she truly can be acknowledged for her feminine power during the time she is preparing to release the blood that is in her cells and a part of her power. We learned how when a woman is on the pill, it actually numbs all the possible hormones that allow her to get in touch with her femininity. It shuts off the connection and diminishes what's possible in her body. I suppose I have always known this because I only tried the pill for 3 days of my life, and knew, INSTANTLY, it cut me off from my real self. It's been over 20 years since I ever put one of those little pellets in my body. A woman deserves to feel ALL of her power, her grace, her vulnerability, her softness, and her hardness (that is her rage, anger, or dark side). During the time of preparation for the moon, all of the deepest parts of a woman are revealed, and when she can learn to honor those parts of herself and do her deep work during those times, as well as let herself be nurtured by others around her, she can move closer and closer to her true power and Goddess self, and be truly SEEN as a Goddess!

In preparation for the moon, it is a woman's natural birthright to receive the touch her body so desperately craves. And, touch IS truly what will help all of those hormones going through her body to relax; and so simply under the palm of your hand. Massage, taking baths, relaxing, doing yoga, cuddling, and love making are so precious and sacred during this time, and it is the time the woman's body desires it the most, and truly needs it. Her body is SO worked up, and it is going through changes inside of her; many changes she is completely unaware of, or the partner(s) in her life. It is a natural biological process, that when honored and nurtured can be used to truly embrace her and lift to her to her natural state of awakened juicy flow and the glowing Goddess she truly is.

She LOVES to be touched, with the palm of your hand, literally, and your fingers have all the magic she really needs. There is a process to touching her that when taught and truly learned, will have her yearning for your every offer to be close to her.

What they taught in this course, was like Tantra with a fine tuned fork. It was SO specific, and all the Spiritual talk and energy movement was not present here. It was more a dialogue of how to communicate to her, communicate to her body and have her craving for more. How powerful to bring the world of Spirit (Tantra) and Communication of Sex in one!



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