Tuesday, March 1, 2011

THE NIGHT - Part 1

It has literally been about 6 years, around May 20th, 2005 to be exact, that that big event occurred. I had just come home from a powerful Tantra Initiation in California; on the verge of becoming a Dakini. During the Tantra Initiation Training, I was reclaiming my love for my self, I was grieving a boyfriend at the time, mourning the fact that my father was never in my life, and I had spent a week long at the Initiation making love with an amazing lover almost every night. My body and spirit was in full blast and open at a level I had NEVER experienced before. I was working as a Massage Therapist at a Gentleman's Club at the time, and had the money and freedom to take off upon my request. I was single, living a poly lifestyle and the only commitment I had was my cats.

I was open and excited about life and sought out a man whom I had gone to high school with, and in fact dated while we were in middle school. I was excited to have found him. I felt a love for him and a desire to reconnect. I was feeling flirtatious upon my return from the Tantra Training and joked about connecting, but was never REALLY serious.

We decided to meet up and I made my way to driving to his place "in Coatesville". Perhaps that would have been a clue, but I just assumed it was a cheaper place to live and was his reason for being there. I was meeting two other girlfriends from high school on the same night. We decided to all meet at a bar in West Chester called the Blarneystone. I had never seen any of them in well over 12 years. And the girls were living a very traditional, normal working life, and in some ways were conservative and didn't know about any of my Spiritual, Yoga or Tantric world. They on some level, looked at me odd. I just shunned it as a difference, and maybe if we got together again I could acquaint them with some of this knowledge, but that opportunity never happened, after this wild, creepy and majorly misunderstood night.