Friday, April 8, 2011

Sexual Predators

There's a fine distinction between love and sex and a fine distinction between sacred tantra and prostitution, but one of which I do NOT cross over!

I often give of myself very easily and let myself be immersed in the moment, but when a Seeker is asking of me to de-robe immediately upon his arrival, I have to question who he is and his motives. Is he a stalker and not to be trusted? Is he only looking for instant gratification and has no ability to be respectful of the female body? Is he filled with rage and angst that he cannot so much as be patient enough to wait until the right moment, when, and IF, there is an appropriate moment to de-clothe that which is utterly sacred to me?

Those who are seeking instant gratification, immediate satisfaction, unwilling to do the work to get to the end result, having no patience for themselves let alone another human, not creating a sacred and spiritual environment, in my eyes are not to be trusted, and in many cases be warned that they might only harm again.

I've allowed many to expose of themselves in front of me, and that is of their own choosing, but when expected of me to do the same at the same moment and with no boundaries upon what feels right to me, that is the exact reasoning I choose to armor myself more; or in other words, keep covered what I feel might be concluded to fall prey. To those wanderers who have nothing in mind other than the dark form of sexual arts and eroticism, I banish you from this body. And, if you EVER choose to have respect, I have MUCH to teach you.

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