Friday, April 29, 2011

She Feels

She is angry
She has feelings
She doesn't feel heard
She has rage
for this man
who raped her
for all the men
who rape the women of the world.

It is time now to pour out the vessels of blood within my bones, my veins, my heart and my sacred center. She is talking to me, and she is crying; crying for all those who only want from her, and all those who take. All those who only want what they demand, instead of asking kindly for what they prefer. She doesn't need to be demanded of. It is no one's right to expect anything of her, but of what she wants to give.

No man can have what they demand. It will only come back to haunt them later; in lack of love, in karma, in chaos, in darkness. They MUST learn to love the Sacred Feminine. They must learn to honor the Goddess, and in honoring the woman, they also learn to love them-self within.

My Sacred Center speaks to me. She is crying. She is louder than ever. She is telling me is time now to heal.

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