Friday, April 29, 2011

She Keeps Talking to Me

She still speaks, she speaks loudly, sometimes softly
the voices within her are becoming more apparent, more alive.
She is no longer in hiding. She is letting me know it was NOT ok.
The drugs she was given to make her pass out
unable to walk, becoming dependent on his insecure arms
wrestling to make sense of what was happening
She speaks now, my vagina, my womb, my yoni

I feel her pulsating between my legs.
She has a heartbeat.
It pounds when she is feeling protective
She leaks juice when she is feeling safe
It is forever unfolding
Something I know that can be healed
Something I have healed before.
I the Goddess, since birth
Since a life before.
I connected to my Divinity once again.
I am moved with awe of her power, of her strength.
She lives, and she speaks,

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