Wednesday, September 25, 2013

News Blogcast - Gentleman, ladies, couples and singles!!!! (Old Post deleting from other blog)

I am here to inform you all that it is NOW a new time ~ the creative artist that I am, and the entrepreneur that I am is excited to share with you – the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one!

As many, or perhaps some of you may know the dark places I had to go. Well, I went there, dealt with it (as each layer arrives), and now I am renewed. Being a Goddess, an Empath, an Artist and a Healer makes it VERY important that I HONOR each and every time my being/my Spirit/my presence/my heart requests of me to go inward. And so inward I go, and in the process I may disappear for a time, but without going inward, I could not continue to be available to you. So, in essence it is an exciting time! To constantly feel the flow of my body, my spirit, my heart and the opening and expansion each time it happens ~ the flow, the peace, the joy within my body each and every time I get to come out of the healing period and share the deep love I am experiencing for myself WITH YOU!!!

This recent inward period, I felt an orgasm in my heart chakra. My heart literally fluttered and tingled with a sensation of joy ~ right in the center of my chest, and then I felt a POP; like a balloon of energy was circulating around my heart and the POP literally popped out whatever armor was there, and I literally, as I am psychic in my own way, saw the energy expand outward all around my body and into space and time, as I was in nature a couple weeks ago! And then only a few moments later, felt a full body orgasm as I was taking little steps onto the dirt in the woods, and my whole body waved in sensation of love; like a dance, and then I felt my crown chakra open at the deepest capacity it has been in MANY MANY years. Then, as if by surprise, I felt the energy of the Earth all around me. I felt the energy of the trees, the dirt, the rocks, the wind and the awe of nature. And it was mesmerizing!It was NOT a sexual orgasm. It was a Spiritual Orgasm, and one I had not planned or done ANY spiritual exercise to create! IT JUST HAPPENED, all on its own! WOW! What a sensation of bliss, and what an experience worth sharing!

So now, I am working on merging my reclaimed spiritual power (as you see here: and creating a workshop for Couples and a Women's Workshop. I am here to tell you, the women of the world NEED your love! As a man, as most of you are, you must learn how to get through your wives feelings. She needs you, and she wants YOU to help her; even if she doesn’t know it, or speak it. She’s desperately calling out for your help, but gentleman, as many of you are, it is a test; a challenge for you to learn how to become that TANTRIC HEALER she needs you to be. I challenge you to come to see me with your Beloved, and let me help you heal the wounds that are keeping you apart! Women and men speak different languages, and I am here to help you learn her language so you can truly have the intimacy you desire and deserve! I will be writing more on this, and calling out for help, to help the men understand, learn and become Healers on the planet, so the women can shine and be glorious beside you!

I have only 1 or 2 weeks left of my Master Coaching Training. I shifted my project from the book to the Women’s Workshop because of what came up for me, so as soon as I complete the project of the workshop, I will be working on the writing of the book mentioned in a previous blog, and perhaps the journey of being a Healer who was raped, and a tool to help men help the women they love!


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